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The Kind Voyage: Children's eternal earth art contest

How can we accomplish sustainable prosperity for everyone?

Can we save the Arctic Ice Cap and should we?

Reconomy Intro

Reconomy Global Timebank

Money and energy for people and communities.

Give the money back to the people.

SunMoney 30 second intro video

SunMoney translations are shorter pdf files

A simple way to have cash available for public use in an economic emergency

Introduction to The Birdshot Global Initiative>
The Unnecessary Pandemic
Poster Presentation (for UN Sponsored IDRC Davos 2006)

Putting the BoP on Bikes!

Join the discussion at our Reconomy Facebook group!

10 minute intro vid in 3 parts for
1BpP & People Power Stations

solution pic twomillionhomes
A Solution Now to the Economic Crisis

An Alternative Theory of Relativity and Gravitation: Bodies in Free Fall are at Rest in Accelerating Time.

The Five Minute Cure

Songs In The Night peace pumpkin x x

The Great Hartford Circus Fire


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